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Kenneth Howard hates you...
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Oh Quit! You guys are KILLING me!!!
All this talk about Turtle Wax and Armor All....what the hell?!
If you want to know why I am complaining about these it is because they are petroleum based products(not good for plastic/vinyl/etc in the long run)
Meguiers and Wax Shop proucts have NATURAL oils in them(GOOD STUFF)
When you continue to use petro-based products it has a tendency to dry things out.
What would you rather use for hand cream gasoline or aloe(honestly)...kinda the same concept.
Besides if you want to get the white residue off of the plastic stuff get a small terry cloth rag/towel and use some tire dressing. Spray it on the towel and 'scrub the plastic with it...comes off every time.
Remember when detailing your vehicle, spray your products onto your rag not the surface, unless you like doing everything twice. :D

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