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Who won the debate?

  • Edwards

    Votes: 10 28.6%
  • Cheney

    Votes: 25 71.4%
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I think Cheney had this one hands down. Cheney said that he is in Congress every Tuesday, and he has never met Edwards until tonight. I think that was the defining moment. Edwards' forehead was dry up until that point. Within 5 seconds Edwards' forehead was shiny with sweat.

Was he too busy to do his job? He was elected in the hopes of representing his people. You can't do that when you are absent.

This debate just furthered my opinion that Kerry and Edwards are a great danger to this country.

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cheney should be pres, not bush.
You act like he isn't.....

I call this one a tie. Cheney started strong, but when Edwards got into the end and started with they said this ..... and did this .... and said this .... and did this .... I think he really made up a lot of ground.

If Cheney made points on the attendance record, Edwards made them all back when he asked if we had ever seen America more divided.

I think the 2 main factors here are the format and the perception of the candidates.


Cheney gains tons of points by having this as a seated debate. He is an older guy, very stern and gruff looking and rather low energy - so being seated, he can play the 'elder statesman' role to the fullest.

Edwards is a young guy and a trial lawyer, in some cases he came off as being 'hyper'. You could tell he wanted to jump up and shout "objection your honor!" A stand up debate would benefit his youth and energy a lot.


Cheney loses some points b/c he just looks like a mean SOB. He really looks like an old white guy. To some people that is not a benefit. He comes off as your dad, the judge, bank president, etc.

Edwards was chosen b/c he reminds people of the JFK days in the Democratic party. He's young, wealthy, successful..... he lost some points b/c of his overall lack of political experience. In some cases this may not be a bad thing. He comes off as a cool guy.

Cheney is old school DOD money. He is a career politiican who has used his political influence to great personal gain in the private sector.

Edwards is a trial lawyer. A very successful trial lawyer. Atticus Finch was a trial lawyer as well.

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I learned more about them with the volume off than I did when I heard them talk.

Serisously, you can tell a LOT about a person by how they animate getting their point across and how they react to the other person's point.

Cheney = Unfaltering Businessman

Edwards = Middle School Drama Queen


or Jeff, or Doc, or...
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Successful Trial Lawyer= Professional Thief

Edwards holds the record for N Carolina @ 25 MILLION dollar suit for LARGEST PERSONAL INJURY LAWSUIT!!

Does Edwards advertise on TV ?

"If you get hurt as a result of your OWN stupidity, Call John Edwards and he will make you a multi-millionaire!!!"

(Granted, the girl didn't have responsibilty in the wading pool, but for the sake of illustration regarding personal injury lawyers)

You know, I am willing to bet that he didn't give up his 33% to charity, or THE VICTIM.

He fights the righteous war...FOR HIMSELF!

And you guys talk about Haliburtin....

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And you guys talk about Haliburtin....

Cheney didn't have any answer for the Halliburton slamming he received from Edwards.

I would have to think that Cheney and Edwards were evenly matched as far as debate skills.

I gave Cheney the nod on minute details, but it came off as boring when he spoke, and I think his audience probably did too.

Edwards came off as more theme orientated, trying to hit home a few points over and over. He is a bit more polished than Cheney.

I think swing voters probably came out favoring Edwards vs. Cheney.

Cheney is a very polarizing figure, and I think that the ticket would have been much stronger with someone else as VP. It could have been done easily, as Cheney could have just used health reasons to step down.

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lluciano77 said:
I think Cheney had this one hands down. Cheney said that he is in Congress every Tuesday, and he has never met Edwards until tonight. I think that was the defining moment.
"Now, in my capacity as vice president, I am the president of Senate, the presiding officer. I'm up in the Senate most Tuesdays when they're in session."

--Dick Cheney

I too was confused by this. But here's a link to the record of who presided each tuesday for the past 4 years. Cheney made it twice, according to this. If its not true, I'd love to see some records.

Does this mean Cheney LIED?
p.s. Cheney had definitely met Edwards before:
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