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Will 1989 Camaro RS brackets work on older 350?

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I found a 89 Camaro RS with 305 TBI set-up. I am building a 38 Chevy and I want to use all the brackets, a/c set-up, power steering pump, alt, etc. Will these bolt up to an older 350 block and heads (pre 87ish???)? Thanks :)

P.S. if anyone needs parts or the whole car less eng/trans I'll be parting it out.
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All the heads with centerbolt valve covers have a different accessory bolt spacing than older heads with perimeter bolt valve covers.
So no your stuff wont just bolt on.
Sure can. But the chamber volume is different than the common large chamber early heads. The 305 and 350 have different chamber sizes too.

I wouldnt run flat tops with zero deck height and the small chamber heads for an everyday driver. If youre just swapping heads onto an engine with dished pistons will make a good swap.

Theres good and bad heads on new stuff too.
TBI heads have a little vane in intake runner that kills the flow. The TPI heads are ones to look for they dont have the vane in there, or vortecs are better yet they flow more air and theres more intakes that will bolt right on than the TPI heads.
Plus theyre all light weight castings so thats a small pitfall too but GM is ok with them so how bad can they be?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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