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I've been thinking (after working on the mini tubs) of moving the leaf springs inboard 1/2" to give me adequate clearance for the larger tires I want.

I know 1/2" doesn't sound like a lot, but I can do this without moving the rear frame. I'll have to notch the front leaf spring mounting point on the frame. The rear (shackle mount) just has a cylinder welded through the frame channel. It projects 3/4" on either side. I figure I can just cut it (1/2" off), and extend the inside. Probably gusset it there. I'll have to also redo the spring perches on the axle.

Anyway, do you think this will impact handling much? I know narrowing the rear for massive tires, can create a teeter - totter effect, so most go with a 4 link, or custom coilover. Will losing 1/2" creat havoc in the car's suspension?
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