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Windlace Installation

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Looking for some help on installing the windlace in a 1929 Model A. The upper and rear door windlace is obvious, it tacks into the wood frame. The front portion is sandwiched between an outer and interior metal rail and secured with tacks that are bent on the inside. How does this safetly come apart.
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Welcome to Hotrodders!

A guy in my neighborhood has a Model A. I didn't see him until today and I looked at his (he just bought it and didn't do any of the build, so asking him wouldn't really help).

It looks like you can remove the inside windshield molding, the lower kick panel and the dash panel to get to the back side where you can grind off the back of the rivets holding that strip in place. His has round top rivets holding that part of the windlace. I can't be sure that's the way it was done originally though. If yours looks to be held in the same way, that should do it.
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