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window measurements for 30 model a coupe

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i am building a 30 5 window copupe and have not been able to find measurements for the window glass.any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
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I am building a 30 five window. I have chopped mine 4 in. What window measurements do uou need?
Originally posted by Henry Highrise:
<strong>I am building a 30 five window. I have chopped mine 4 in. What window measurements do uou need?</strong><hr></blockquote>
im looking for the measurements of the original windows at this time.
I will give you original measurements, if you will tell me what you want. Do you want all windows lenght and width or just certain windows. You know if you got the car all you have to do is measure it. The side window glass and the rear glass go in from the inside measure inside the window glass recess with the trim mouldings removed. The trim mouldings and some rubber seals hold the glass in. The door windows are a piece of cake maesure the width inside of the window channels measure the height and add 1 and a half in. to that, The replacement windows and seals are available from

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this is our first project of this type and we seem to be overlooking the obviouse.the glass is all missing,and the insides of the doors taken apart,when we purchased what was left of the old car.we are starting basicly from the ground up and being novices at this sort of thing it has taken several weeks and a whole lot of mistakes to get this far with it.we had planed to have glass cut for the windows by a local merchant.
thank you for your help.
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I have all the windows out of my coupe. Do you still need these measurements ?
I am looking for measurements on all car windows height, width, and curve can anyone help me
Contact either Snyders Antique Auto Parts in New Springfield Ohio or Brattons in New York. Get a copy of the Model A restorers guide. All that info is in there. They include all the proper dimensions for the curves etc. Take the drawings to your glass Man and he can work from that.
Last winter when I took my Tudor in for glass all I didn't have anything together.The window regulators and the window channels were lying in the back seat along with the windshield frame.A good glass shop can do the job with out any guidance.I got the car back a few weeks later and paid him $360.
Well worth it.If you try to get your glass man to follow your measurements exactily and the glass don't fit guess what ,it's your fault.
Just tell him what you want done and let him do it.If he doesen't like that arrangement find a different glass man.
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