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Windshield Frame for '54 Chevy Pickup

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Anyone know where I might get a chrome windshield frame for my 54 Chevy pickup?

Chevy Duty says they get lots of requests for 'em, but don't have any avaiable.


Alan Horvath
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Try Brothers Trucks. They might have what your looking for, if not report and I can think up a few more places. Clickage

Thanks, HK ... I don't see anything at Brothers.

They have weatherstrip for windsheilds ... and ask that you specify whether or not it's for a windsheild that has stainless steel trim or not ... but no mention of stainless steel windsheild trim available.


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Try these guys.


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Nothing at Chevy of the 40s ...

I emailed the fillingstation - maybe they'll help.

Thanks HK!
HEY HORVATH: There is a company that manufactures flexible trim for cheap that might work. There was an article in Rod & Custom about this application. WWW.FLEXCHROME.COM hope you find a solution...DAVE
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