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With Fall already here, and Winter not too long off, your time will be spent less in the Garage and more at your PC... And, since we all know that no car building and no make for a LONG holiday season, here are some tips to Winterize that old workhorse machine of yours and ensure many hours (even continuous days) of distraction during the holiday season.

1> Uninstall those programs you dont use anymore.... A clogged hard-drive will kill speed and reliability...

2> Clean up Internet Explorer... Go to the Tools Menu and click on Internet Options. In the first tab, click on "Delete Files" under the Temporary Files area... Heck, delete the cookies too - they just send your personal info. over the web like a village bike.

3> Degfragment your Hard Drive - this will get those loose little bits of data back in order for faster processing (goto Start > Accessories > System Tools >Defragment

4> If you have Windows XP, do the Clean Up Wizard to take care of any unnecessary files that hide themselves, and only bog you down.

5> Run a full-system Virus Scan (free scanners are available online) and scan your PC for SpyWare (I suggest SpyBot - available free at

6> Most importantly, look at your System Bar (the little icons next to the clock on the bottom right of your screen) - Each icon represents a program that feels it's important enough to run ALL the TIME on your PC... if you don't use it, or it isn't a system tool, close these guys will pick up more speed by this trick alone...

If you have any questions or need more info, please PM me or post your PC questions here... I can help with just about whatever you need...except meltdowns and spilled coffee...

Peace Kool Kids,

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This is the time of year where I get something done, time allowing, this is my "slow" season. Goals for the coupe this winter:
Engine and trans back in after firewall painting. Wired. All pedals and steering done. Interior of car painted, rest trimmed out. lots of bodywork. Hopefully a rough driver by spring. Whoohooo, bring on the cooler temps, 60s and 70s, no snow, a little rain. Dan:p
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