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You may be just as well of getting a harness from painless and going that way..dunno if you are completely rewiring or chasing shorts..

Could you be a bit more specific in the question...please??

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Phillfam99 said:
Hey guys, anyone know a link for a 46 chev fleetmaster wiring diagram? Thank Goodness for you guys!
Doc here::pimp:

You might try shooting this guy an Email...See if he has or knows where to get one...

Have you tried the local MAIN library reference Desk yet? They carry repair manuals for just about everything...don't know how far back they go back tho...They may be able to outsource one for you..

Or Hemmings might have one too..

Doc :pimp:

Shoot this guy an the very
least you'll enjoy the photos!
Mailto on the bottom of the page.
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