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Wiring in Heater Blower

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I am wanting to get rid of the Climate control center for my 75 K10 truck, will not be running a/c. Is there anywhere i can get a rotary switch for providing the different levels of fan speed for the heater blower? I have looked around but will be honest not as closely as I should. just wanted to see if you guys maybe knew, or better yet knew another way of doing this. I will be using that area for other switch functions as well. Basically I Cleaning up the cludge up wiring and switches that are all over the place to one location(best place and neatest place is the climate control center)
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Any local electrical firm should be able to hook you up with a rotary switch. Even the local Radio Shack should be able to help you out.

On your truck.Is the layout the same as mose GM cars?To the left is your blower speed switch,running vertically.Then to the right of it is the two thatrun horizontaly,one for the vent control,the other for the level of heat?Can you just remove the blower switch and conceal it somewhere? Then the void left from removing the cluster will free up and give you your space.
actually the climate control center is a little damaged, another reason for ditching it. But yes it is like most. Withthe whole thing gone it will make for a neater switch areathe actual lever part that moves the valve from cold to hot will be down below for summer times i can switch it back for fresh(LOL) air.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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