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I've done this a number of years back. The most dificult part is the paint colors you select.

First you select a base coat color, spray the dash. let completely dry. lightly sand(for adhesion). The next color needs to be mixed with very little drier, or know drier and you add yourself, ( thats the secret), this allows
you to create the woodgrain simulation.

To create the woodgrain,either spray the top coat (the one without much drier0 and then wipe the topcat with the inside of a sock (yes the ones you put on your feet, you need a sock with fuzzies on the inside)and wipe the dash,(spraying works best, but you can dip the sock in the color)and you will create what looks like woodgrain.

Practice a bit on something thats not important
and you will get the nak.

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