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Work Van needs cam???

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Hey I have a work van 1988 Ford clubwagon E350 351w fuel injected. I have done a tuneup and everything but only getting 5 miles to the gallon, the van weighs 4950 empty without all my tools and carpet that I haul in it. I was told I could put a work cam into it and maybe increase the gas mileage. I don't have any idea if this makes sense. Any suggestions would help
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I've used the rv cam in my suburban and got better gas milage out of it but mainly I was trying to get more hp without losing gas milage and it worked that way I got 25hp. and gained 4 miles per gal. :)
try a 6.9 or 7.3 diesel my buddy has a 93 E350 converted ambulance and gets 26 miles to a gallon. 6.9s are plentiful and cheap
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