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About the Author

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Dewey Lindstrom lives on Pokegema Lake in northern Wisconsin, and has been building and driving hot rods for over 50 years. Photos of some of his projects are shown below. Folks who visit Hotrodders.com will recognize him as "cboy" in the forums and journal section.

Lindstrom's addiction to hot rods has been made possible only through the encouragement and support of his wife, Dorothy, who puts up with a house full of Bondo tracks, metal shavings, grease smudges and the constant aroma of oil, gasoline, paint and solvents so objectionable the EPA ranks them as "Bomb Quality".

The Lindstroms have two children who long ago escaped from this car-building madness. Daughter Johnna is an RN in Brooklyn and son Vaughn is a musician in San Francisco. Shop dog Buster rules over this entire operation while his young apprentice, Louie, is clearly in need of intervention by the Dog Whisperer.


This book is dedicated to the memory of my dad, Woody, who allowed me to work by his side since the day I turned five, while he passed along his love and understanding of machines, engines, woodwork, welding, construction and virtually everything else of importance in life. He taught through example, rather than words. My hope is that this book can do the same.

Go-kart with lawnmower engine and push lawnmower drivetrain. Built at age 10. Top speed: 6 mph. Photo attribution
Jawa 125 purchased at age 13. Did custom paint and pinstriping. Photo attribution
1955 Plymouth purchased at age 15. Painted poppy red. Photo attribution
1957 Ford purchased at age 16. Installed custom tube grill, custom tuck-and-roll upholstery, painted Honduras Maroon, Thunderbird 312 engine, California "rake" (cut coils) and "Hollywoods". Photo attribution
1952 Ford with 331 cubic inch Chrysler Hemi head engine. Built at age 17. Photo attribution
'23 T-bucket, glass body, Buick Nailhead engine with rare Buick 3-speed transmission. All work by the author including paint and upholstery. Finished at age 21. Photo attribution
NHRA C/A Chapman funny car chassis with steel Volkswagon shell, small block Chevy, Olds narrowed rear, clutch turbo trans. Built and raced by the author during early 1970's. Photo attribution
1957 Chevy. Converted from 4-door to 2-door. 283 with automatic. Built in 1989. Photo attribution
1979 Mazda RX7. Swapped rotary for a 307 Olds with 350 transmission. Built in 1990. Photo attribution
Handmade fiberglass pickup with front-wheel drive Honda drivetrain. Built in 1991. Photo attribution
Scratch-built 1932 Ford pickup. Purchased finished in 2003. Photo attribution
1930 Ford Model A coupe with 396 Chevy. Purchased 2005. Photo attribution
1931 Ford Roaster scratch-built by the author and completed in 2006. Photo attribution
1929 Ford Sedan/Delivery scratch-built by the author and completed in 2010. Photo attribution


I want to thank Jon at Hotrodders.com for his collaboration and expertise in the making of this book. He patiently guided me through all the HTML and Wiki code required to format and layout all of the photos and text. He also spent countless hours editing and improving my manuscript as well as guiding me through the labyrinth of legal and copyright requirements underlying an effort such as this.

I also want to pass along a very special thanks to the many members of Hotrodders.com who had a direct role in the design and construction of the car shown in these chapters. Almost every day during the build some insurmountable problem or task would arise. And in each and every case all I had to do was log onto the Hotrodders.com bulletin board and pose my problem or dilemma. Within minutes a flood of solutions and recommendations would begin rolling in and in short order I would be back out in the shop with my problem solved. Without this group of knowledgeable hot rodders, ready and willing to share their expertise, this car would have never seen the light of day.

One member of Hotrodders.Com, 454 Rattler (Jerry), was a particularly important contributor to this project. Jerry lives not far from me and visited my shop quite often during the fabrication process. His non-judgmental approach to design and construction issues helped me work through countless decisions that needed to be made. In addition, Jerry dug into his "parts bin" whenever the need arose and contributed many of the pieces seen on the completed car including the seats, cycle fenders, steering box and the shorty shocks. Jerry is a great hot rodder and a great friend.

And finally my greatest gratitude goes to the scratch-builders from around the globe who agreed to share their knowledge, experience and the many fine photographs shown in this book and on Hotrodders.com as well.

About this book

This book was edited by Hotrodders.com, one of the largest hot rod sites on the internet. Hotrodders.com features extensive photo galleries, project journals, and technical bulletin boards covering every aspect of hot rodding, for the beginner on up through the seasoned professional.

Cover design

The artwork and design for the cover of this book was created by Jonny Miles. The "drawing hand" image on the cover is courtesy of Wefunction.com.


The text of this ebook is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) license. You can see the full legal code of the license, or a human-readable summary. The images fall under their own respective copyrights, although most of them were taken by the author, and are also licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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