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after the punt Douglas of for president. Douglas's support for the concept of popular sovereignty, which called for each individual territory to decide on the status of slavery, alienated many Southern Democrats. The Southern Democrats, with the support of President Buchanan, held their own convention and nominated Vice President John C. The following night revealed that she received the lowest number of votes leaving the judges stunned. For her performance to be considered for cheap jerseys free shipping authentic cheap nfl jerseys from China (Click On this page) the Judges' Save, she began to sing Deborah Cox's "Nobody's Supposed to Be Here", when Lopez ran on stage and cut her off mid performance.

The three judges declared on stage that they were unanimous in using their one time "Judges' Save", a veto that was introduced beginning in the eighth season.[31] This made her the first female and the fourth finalist in American Idol history spared from elimination.For the second week of top 7, Sanchez pleased the judges with her take on Alicia Keys' "Fallin'" and her rendition of Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness".On "Queen night", Sanchez performed Bohemian Rhapsody.