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and more than enough flexibility Gilbert Jessop . Richard Johnson . Arthur Jones . Despite Curt Warner injury our committee of RBs proved to be better than advertised and by god did Chuck use them all.On defense we had a fuck ton of talent. Hell we had Jacob Green with 13 sacks who didn even lead the team in that statistic and then we had Dave Brown with 8 ints who also didn lead the team in that statistic as well, wholesale mlb jerseys free shipping I mention both of them first because imo they are both HOF snubs who didn get their due recognition then and now.

Next we had Jeff Bryant who led the team with 14.5 sacks, Joe "undersized and underrated" Nash, Kenny Easley(10 ints), Keith Harris (6 ints), post-20409 Keith Simpson (4 ints) this team caused a fuck ton of turnovers, and our LBs performed pretty well.Specials teams did a helluva job and was led by All Pro Norm Johnson and god did everyone on that unit like to hit and hell even Fredd Young who didn start at the time was a straight up destroyer.To sum it up if we had Curt Warner I believe that Miami divisional game would have ended differently, p55161 but we got knocked out despite having a strong team with a 12 4 record(the best at the time in team history)."For those unfamiliar with him he was drafted by the Bengals in 1998 and spent his first 5 seasons with them while deciding to leave after the 2002 season.